If you cannot quit smoking although you want to, we can help you quit smoking by our long experience in this treatment. A reservation is necessary by telephone ( 862-0403).  Shiomi Medical Clinic is a certified educational institute by the Japan Society for Tobacco Control.



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Quit Smoking

Nicotine patch: 8weeks

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If you fulfill the following conditions, you can use your public health insurance.


1) I’ll need to first join the public health insurance.

2I took over 5 points under the Nicotine dependency test.

3My Brinkman index (number of cigarettes/days x smoking years ) is over 200.

4 In the document to personally agree with the treatment to quit smoking

Total fee (including the fee for medicine)

Nicotine patch course:  about 13,000 JPY

Champix tablet course: about 20,000 JPY

If you don’t meet the  above conditions, you cannot  use your public health insurance.

Total fee is about 30,000-40,000 JPY including the fee for medicine.


Champix (Varenicline) tablet : 12weeks

高松市 楠上町の塩見内科医院です。喘息などの呼吸器内科疾患はもとより高血圧、高脂血症、糖尿病等の生活習慣病の治療のほか胃カメラ、大腸ファイバー(大腸カメラ)大腸がん検診も行っております。

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Schedule of the medication

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