About Shiomi Medical Clinic

  Shiomi Medical Clinic was established in 1963 and has provided high quality medical services for the local people.

In 2004, we renovated our clinic and  equipped the latest major medical technology and facilities.

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  Shiomi Medical Clinic’s education Program : Medical educational programs for recent medical graduates are; family care, internal medicine.  All programs are fully accredited  by the Olive Medical Education Programs of the Kagawa University School of Medicine.


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高松市 楠上町の塩見内科医院です。喘息などの呼吸器内科疾患はもとより高血圧、高脂血症、糖尿病等の生活習慣病の治療のほか胃カメラ、大腸ファイバー(大腸カメラ)大腸がん検診も行っております。

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1-9-36 Kusugami-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa-ken